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pdf Newsletter Issue 5 2018-19

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Newsletter Issue 5 2018-19

Dear Colleague

I hope the term is going well. Just to let you know we had a large number of applications for the NPQML and NPQSL this time and so we are able to run both programmes in Luton. NPQML will be at The Shire and NPQSL will be at Challney Boys. Your colleagues who have enrolled, should be hearing from Best Practice soon.

pdf Newsletter Issue 4 2018-19

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Newsletter Issue 4 2018-19

May I take this opportunity on behalf of Luton First Teaching Alliance to wish you all a very Happy Christmas! I hope the preparations for your school Christmas events paid off and you and the children had a great time.

I don’t know if you follow the work of the Educational Endowment Fund but their most recent newsletter contains some helpful research on engaging successfully with parents. The piece is called ‘Four practical and evidence-based recommendations on working with parents to support their child’s learning’ and can be found by following this link: https://goo.gl/Y1f5Fj.

pdf Newsletter Issue 2 2018-19

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Newsletter Issue 2 2018-19

We hope this newsletter will help you plan next term’s CPD for your staff. Please note we are planning to run another cohort of the highly regarded ‘Middle Leaders Programme’ organised on our behalf by Sandra Jones. This will be in the spring term and will start almost immediately after the Christmas break. A flier will be with you soon so look out for it.

I would also like to draw your attention to a new Specialist Leader of Education we have based at Tennyson Road Primary. Her name is Shereen Thomas (Pictured) and her specialism is leading lesson study. If you wish to book her, please contact Hilary Power at Tennyson Road.

Also, if you (and your school) meet the specification to become a NLE please register your interest by following this link: https://goo.gl/9Q77Nm. The recruitment round will be open soon. If you would like more information about the role of a NLE please contact me.

Have a lovely and restful half term.

Kind regards

Tony Cotton

pdf Newsletter Issue 1 2018-19

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Newsletter Issue 1 2018-19

A warm welcome to our first newsletter of the new academic year. You will see we have some very exciting courses about to begin which are very good value for money. May I particularly draw your attention to the ‘Inspirational Practice in the Early Years’ which will start shortly after a brief postponement.

We are also very excited about the ‘Unlocking Literacy through Drama & Oracy’ for KS2 on Wednesday 3rd October 2018. This is being facilitated by the hugely experienced and inspiring Kate Hopewell. New dates for the EYFS & KS1 will be sent out shortly and will be in late October.

On another tack we congratulate Dave Bradshaw on his designation as a Luton Local Leader of Education; a role he is well suited for. Please contact either Alan Radford at the LA or myself if you would like to discuss deploying him to support your school.

Kind regards

Tony Cotton

pdf LFTSA Newsletter 2017 18 Issue 4

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LFTSA Newsletter 2017 18 Issue 4

Programme Updates

There are places still available for the upcoming programmes:

  • ‘Teachmeet - Packing the Passion into Primary 2’
    (Tuesday 12th June)
  • ‘Achieving More with Less’ - Conference with Mick Waters
    (Wednesday 20th June)
  • ‘Middle Leadership Programme’
    (Thursday 13th September)

pdf Newsletter 2017-18 Issue 3

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Newsletter 2017-18 Issue 3

Programme Updates

There are places still available for the upcoming programmes:

  • ‘Inspirational Practice in the Early Years’ (31st January)
  • ‘Aspiring Headteacher Programme’ (5th February)
  • ‘Bell Foundation TAs and EAL’ - (5th February)
  • ‘Developing Sex and Relationship Education Across KS2’ - (21st February)

pdf Newsletter 2017-18 Issue 2

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Newsletter 2017-18 Issue 2

Programme Updates

There are places still available for the following programmes

  • ‘Inspirational Practice in the Early Years’ (31st January)
  • ‘The Mathemagician’ with Andrew Jeffrey (7th December)
  • ‘Deputy/Assistant Head Well-being and Resilience’ - the programme has started but if anyone else is interested, they can still start on the next session, Wednesday 1st December at The Shire Foundation.

pdf Newsletter 2017 18 Issue 1

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Newsletter 2017-18 Issue 1.pdf

Newsletter 2017 18 Issue 1

Programme Updates

Look out for the fliers promoting:

  • ‘Inspirational Practice in the Early Years’ (15th November)
  • ‘The Mathemagician’ with Andrew Jeffrey (7th December)
  • ‘Deputy/Assistant Head Well-being and Resilience’ - the first session is scheduled to start on Thursday 19th October.
    Please consider letting your Deputies or Assistant Heads enrol. A bargain at £300 for six sessions!

pdf LFTSA Newsletter Spring 2017

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LFTSA Newsletter Spring 2017

Dear Colleague,

This term seems to have flown by and I know you are focussing hard on the build up to those SATs in May! Good luck to you all and I trust all your hard work and commitment will pay off.

As usual, this has been a busy and successful term for Luton First Teaching School Alliance; we have continued to offer high quality CPD for teachers and leaders whilst being at the heart of some innovative work, in and beyond Luton. Our work with the Bell Foundation goes from strength to strength and was recognised when an article outlining our partnership progress was published in the March ‘East of England’ Teaching Schools’ newsletter. This prompted a number of other Teaching Schools to get in touch to find out more about what we are doing and seeing if they could get involved. We are in the process of training up facilitators of our own, badged and quality assured by the Bell Foundation and should very soon be able to run programmes
using our own alliance colleagues.

In partnership with The Chiltern TSA, we have continued to lead on the ‘Aspiring Heads’ programme and a number of you have taken part; if you are keen to get involved in the delivery of a session, please contact Tony; he would be delighted to have a conversation about how best to deploy your expertise.
We have booked Chris Quigley; a nationally recognised speaker for a ‘Teaching Assistant’ conference which will take place on June 14th. We have asked him to speak on ‘Mindfulness in the Classroom!’ This will be at The Auction House - more details to follow but put the date in your school diary.

pdf Newsletter Spring 2016

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Newsletter Spring 2016

It is hard to believe but we are now some way into our third year as Luton First Teaching Alliance; it has been quite some journey. I believe we have made a huge contribution to supporting Luton schools in their drive to improve standards. To date, we have run a wide range of successful programmes, many of which have been oversubscribed and received very complimentary evaluations. Alongside the long established Outstanding Teacher and the Securing Good Programme, we have developed a programme specifically designed for Early Years and Foundation Stage teachers. We are grateful to Jo Quince, Margaret Forsyth and Sarah Jones from Tennyson Road and Chapel Street Nursery for their hard work in developing and co-delivering the ‘Excellence in the Early Years’ programme. The first session attracted twenty colleagues.

This year and for the first time, we are delighted to have been able to recruit sufficient delegates to be able to run the National Professional Qualification for SENCOs here in Luton. Running this important national qualification, shows we are responding to the needs of headteachers and their staff across the town.

Following the retirement of two of our stalwarts, Jane Donati and Gloria Mastrogiovani, we are delighted to welcome Carly Smith and Sue Dorban whose first term in headship is described later in this newsletter. Carly and Sue have already been involved in the Alliance running NQT sessions and, as facilitators on the Securing Good and Outstanding Teacher Programmes. I am sure you will join with me in welcoming them to our Alliance.

Finally, we will shorty be saying goodbye to Julia Miller who is taking early retirement after a long and successful career. We thank her for her work with us, ensuring the voice and needs of the nursery and early years is heard. Farewell and enjoy a long and happy retirement.

pdf Newsletter Summer 2015

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Newsletter Summer 2015

This term's newsletter brings to a close our second full year as a designated Teaching School within the Luton First Teaching Alliance. As the academic year draws to a close, it seems a good time to reflect on our achievements and provides an opportunity to set out our priorities for next year.

I have been delighted by the range of programmes and events that we have been able to offer. Highlights include the consistently high numbers of teachers attending our ‘Outstanding Teacher Programme' or ‘Securing Good Programme'; the Middle Leaders Pathway has once again been an on-going success and my thanks go to Sarah Pollard and Mark Sherwin for their hard work in delivering it. A particular feature this year, has been our use of Specialist Leaders of Education to facilitate workshops on Level 6 writing and writing moderation; both workshops were very well attended and so popular was the Level 6 writing that we had to put on another session to meet demand. My thanks go to Sarah Gleeson and Becky Docherty for their hard work in developing and delivering the sessions. Next year, it is my hope that we can put on additional CPD sessions which complement Local Authority provision. Please let me know of areas of the curriculum that feature in your priorities which we might be able to help with. To that end, we plan to hold an open meeting during September to which you are all invited and where we can discuss priorities for Luton schools and develop a coherent strategy to support collective and individual needs.

Finally, my thanks to all Alliance members who have supported Luton First with such commitment and offered their expertise so generously in order that we may continue to play a strong part in raising standards across this town of ours.

pdf Newsletter Autumn 2014

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Newsletter Autumn 2014

Shire Update

2013-14 was another very successful training year for The Shire Foundation, with a high percentage of our trainees displaying outstanding features in their teaching by the end of the year (82% of trainees on the PGCE route, and 75% on the School Direct (salaried) route). NQT recruitment continues to be very high with 100% of our trainees securing employment, many within local schools (Luton, Herts and Beds). We would like to thank all of our Partnership schools who provide high quality support to our trainees.

2014-15 has started positively with 30 trainees undertaking the School Direct (salaried) route and 20 enrolled on the PGCE route. This year we have been able to extend our very successful specialism options on the
PGCE route, with 8 trainees completing focused training in either primary mathematics or science.

Applications for 2015-16 have already opened, with the Shire/Hillborough Junior School Alliance being allocated 32 School Direct (salaried), 5 School Direct (tuition) and 20 provider led (PGCE) places. We are pleased to announce that from September 2015 our PGCE course will be accredited at post-graduate level, with trainees achieving 120 credits at Masters Level. Applications should be made through the UCAS website, and we intend to start interviewing by the end of November. Please visit our website for more details www.theshirefoundationscitt.co.uk.

Shire is currently seeking schools who are willing to support a trainee on any of our routes in 2015-16. You may have an applicant who currently works for you who you wish to support, or you may be willing to interview other high quality applicants for a position at your school. For more information please contact the ITT Training Manager, Julie Darmody –  or 01582 522121.