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Meet our SLEs


Claire Lassman (Denbigh Primary)
Specialism: Leadership of the curriculum and English

Claire has been very successful in raising reading standards at Denbigh and has a very dynamic approach. She has a vast amount of experience in coaching and mentoring. A quick look at Denbigh’s most recent report will tell you all you need to know about the improvement’s made and Claire’s role in them.

Susie Bradshaw (Hillborough Junior School):
Specialism: PSHE, English, SEND

Susie is passionate about providing outstanding teaching and learning opportunities for all children. She is hugely experienced and understands the skills required to support colleagues. She is a facilitator on the ‘Outstanding Teacher’ programme run by LFTA.

Vikki Johnston (Harpenden Academy)
Specialist Leader of Education for Assessment/Data, Curriculum (including Middle Leader Development) and English

Vikki is a highly experienced senior leader and holds the role of Vice Principal in her current school. Within this role, she leads the whole school on data and the curriculum, including the development of Middle Leaders.

Vikki’s last Ofsted experience demonstrated that the Leadership and Management was ‘Outstanding’ within her school. Her leadership of English was noted as ’very strong’ with excellent knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Vikki has implemented key initiatives that have enabled staff to understand and analyse their data (including non-core, with a particular focus on greater depth). Within her setting, Vikki has confidently set up a clear curriculum which promotes and values a broad, balanced, relevant and intellectually stimulating curriculum. Evidence of which can be seen in the school’s portfolios. Vikki has also created a targeted Middle Leadership development programme which rapidly skills and empowers subject leaders, and enables them to drive standards up in their subjects.

Rebecca Lightfoot (Wenlock CE Junior)
Specialism: English

Rebecca has been teaching for 10 years, working in all year groups across KS2. Her classroom practice is 'Outstanding'. Within the classroom she creates an environment and ethos of learning and progression to the highest possible standard. She is a facilitator on the ‘Outstanding Teacher’ programme run by LFTA.

Carla Gotch (Tennyson Road Primary)
Specialism: English

Carla is currently Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Lead and English coordinator at Tennyson Road Primary School. She also has 11 years of experience teaching 11-18 year olds and 7 years experience teaching year 6. Carla has delivered a range of training including; Mastery and English Her classroom practice has been consistently judged as outstanding across a range of subjects. She regularly supports colleagues to improve their practice.

Barbara Moses: (Beechwood Primary)
Specialism: English

Barbara is a very experienced practioner and has done a lot of work raising standards in writing and reading at Beechwood and beyond. She is a SATs marker, which helps her understand how to get the best from all pupils.

Azmat Ramzan: (William Austin Junior School)
Specialism: Assessment and English

Azmat is responsible for English, assessment, pupil premium, data analysis, tracking, interventions and pupil progress meetings; her ultimate goal is to ensure that all children achieve the very best education. She has gained many skills and experience through building key relationships and trust, which has led to school improvement. Through coaching and mentoring, she supported staff and empowered them to drive forward change that is sustainable and gives positive results. She has very high expectations of herself and others which is essential to provide the very best for our future generation.


Lisa Phee (Chantry Primary Academy)
Specialism: Maths and leadership of the curriculum

Lisa is a very experienced maths teacher and has successfully supported a number of schools within and beyond Luton. She specialises in ‘Mastery’.

Kate Williams (Lancot Challenger Academy)
Specialism: Maths and Enterprise

Kate has been working at Lancot Challenger Academy since September 2016, leading Maths and Enterprise across the school as well as being KS1 Phase Leader. She has had the opportunity to teach from Year 2 - Year 6 and her classroom practice has been judged as outstanding across a range of subjects. In these roles she has introduced new initiatives, led staff meetings and INSET’s, carried our monitoring, held planning consultations and helped develop teachers to ensure high levels of teaching and learning across the school. Since working in this role Lancot results have risen in GLD, KS1 and KS2 in a 3-year upward trend and we are now in line and above national average. She has developed an Enterprise curriculum which embeds financial education, character education and cross curricular transferable skills and we are now working towards a self-funded curriculum which is heavily pupil led.

Nicola Lloyd-Jones (Tennyson Road Primary)
Specialism: Maths, assessment and closing the gap

Nicola is a SLT member, Assessment lead and Maths subject leader at Tennyson Road. She has a real passion for mathematics and has supported staff at Tennyson and other schools through many curriculum changes and successful Ofsted inspections.

Lisa Morris: (Denbigh Primary)
Specialist Leader of Education for Science, the Wider Curriculum and ITT/NQT

Lisa has been a teacher at Denbigh Primary School since 2013 and within that time has worked as an ‘outstanding’ practitioner in Years 2, 3 and 4 culminating in her current role as Assistant Headteacher. Lisa has supported and developed trainee teachers and NQTs. In addition to this, Lisa has experience as Year Leader, Science, the Wider Curriculum and Maths lead. Having received the MaST training, Lisa is very enthusiastic about the teaching and learning of Mathematics. She has had the opportunity to support others in their subject pedagogies and approaches to teaching active, engaging mathematics. Having been a part of the development of Denbigh Primary School, Lisa now wishes to share the skills that she has gained and developed with a wider audience to support and drive school improvement elsewhere.

Sarah Ayres: (Wenlock CE Junior)
Specialism: Maths

Sarah is a qualified ‘Primary Maths Specialist’ and has a wide experience of coaching staff in improving their maths teaching.

Foundation Subjects:

Kat Field (Hillborough Junior School):
Specialism: Assessment, Art and ITT

Kat has a passion for providing an enriching, positive environment for all children, which inspires them to aim high and reach their full potential. She is a facilitator on the ‘Outstanding Teacher’ programme.

Lorna Lalji (Hillborough Junior School):
Specialism: Leadership of curriculum, Music sand ITT

Experienced in music with particular expertise in transition KS2 to KS3. Has developed a good working relationship with Luton music service.

Richard Lightfoot (Hillborough Junior School)
Specialism: PE

Richard is passionate about ensuring all pupils have access to the best experience possible in PE and has been instrumental is establishing the high profile of PE at Hillborough and across Luton.

Tyrone West (Denbigh Primary)
Specialism: PE and ITT

Tyrone describes himself as ‘visionary’ and his record at Denbigh supports this view. He has driven standards in PE at the school to outstanding levels. OfSTED acknowledged PE as having a measurable impact on raising attainment in other subjects.

Penny Whelan (Hillborough Junior)
Specialism: PSHE, SMSC and values education

Apart from her specialisms of PSHE and SMSC Penny can also provide support on how to adapt lessons and assemblies to incorporate British Values and imbed them.

Kerry Ward (The Linden Academy)
Specialism: PSHE/RSE

Kerry qualified as a teacher in 2012 and has been PSHE/SRE subject leader since 2016. In this time, she has successfully implemented new PSHE and SRE schemes of work; working closely with members of staff and facilitating interactive information workshops for parents. Kerry is proven to be a highly effective leader; successfully supporting staff and showing a real strength in organisation and time management.

Adam Nelson (Denbigh Primary)
Specialism: IT

Adam has a huge amount of expertise in teaching IT and enabling it to impact on other subjects. He works effectively with colleagues to improve both their confidence and competence.


Jenni Lloyd (Chantry Primary Academy)
Specialism: Behaviour

Jenni has managed behaviour at Chanrty successfully for many years and delivers highly regarded sessions on behaviour management for Luton’s’ NQTs.

Philipa Cooper (Chantry Primary Academy)
Specialism: Behaviour

Philipa is currently running the Inclusive Behaviour Provision for the West Area Partnership in Luton. She is involved in observing, and assessing children who are exhibiting challenging behaviours, within the partnership schools and advising staff concerning appropriate intervention strategies to put in place.

Assessment and Curriculum Development:

Nathalie McKiernan (Denbigh Primary)
Specialism: Assessment, Leadership of the curriculum and more able pupils

Nathalie has developed a rigorous assessment regime at Denbigh for both core and foundation subjects. She works closely with middle leaders to improve the accuracy and reliability of assessment data.

Hannah Page (Chantry Primary Academy)
Specialism: Assessment

Hannah is an outstanding classroom teacher and also supports across the whole school as a member of their school's Senior Management Team. She specialises in reducing marking workload.


Rachel Marsh (Richmond Hill Special)
Specialism: SEND and assessment

Rachel is a facilitator on the Outstanding Teacher programme run by LFTA.
She is currently teaching children with Autism, Downs and other conditions and loves seeing and celebrating their diversity.

Sarah Gilbert (Chapel Street Nursery)
Specialism: Early Years

I have worked in the Early Years for the past 11 years after gaining my BEd Primary with a specialism in Early Years at the University of Bedford. After leaving university, I began my teaching career at Chapel Street Nursery School as a class teacher and although where I teach has not changed since I began, my roles have changed over the years. Currently, I am taking on the role of the Acting Head Teacher after our previous headteacher retired but my usual role is Deputy Headteacher and SENCO. I am due to complete my NASENCO qualification imminently which has lead to a great deal of research into and understanding into inclusion in the early years and the needs of children with SEND.

Shereen Thomas (Tennyson Road Primary)
Specialism: Lesson Study

Shereen has taught across KS1 for 9 years and been a Year Leader for the past 6 in both year groups. She has a particular expertise in developing ‘Lesson Study’.

Julie Ellins (Ashcroft High)
Specialism: Business and finance

Julie has been supporting new bursars and business managers across and beyond Luton successfully for many years.

Michelle Aylott (Harpenden Academy)
Specialism: EYFS

OfSTED recently commended Michelle’s leadership of EYFS as highly effective and the impact of her actions has clearly improved provision. Michelle is highly skilled and strongly believes that effective Early Years education is imperative to achieving success in later life.

Mark Lavery (Someries Infant)
Specialism: Early Years

Mark is an enthusiastic and motivated Early Years specialist with extensive leadership and Early Years’ experience. As Early Years Lead at Someries Infant and Nursery School Mark implemented a range of successful reforms to teaching and learning across two-year groups; this included a focus on developing communication and language skills and early mathematics. In addition to these leadership responsibilities, Mark is a mentor to trainee teachers, manages volunteer and work based placements and is a governor at two schools. At Someries Infant and Nursery School, Mark is also responsible for Pupil Premium, Catch-up Premium and Key Stage One Education.

Jenny Fraser (Lancot Challenger Academy)
Specialism: Early Years

As a leader, Jenny is motivated by the opportunity for positive change and is driven by the sense of purpose this provides. Jenny clearly sees how her input, facilitation and support has inspired in her team and enabled significant improvements in their practice.